15 December 2018 – 5 January 2019

Festive fun for everyone ages 3 - 10 and their families

"Magically brought to life" The Stage

"Enchanting... live music, laughter, excited shouting and plenty of audience participation" Essential Surrey

Jessie’s dad has brought her a lovely little present. It’s all wrapped up, and tied with a beautiful bow. She can’t wait to open it, but she isn’t allowed to until Christmas day.

Jessie shakes it and sniffs it and tries to sneak a peek, but Dad puts it just out of her reach and keeps a close eye on it.

Instead, he suggests she opens her advent calendar to keep her occupied. She opens the first window and…

Join in Jessie’s countdown to Christmas as she delights in all the festive treats that appear behind her advent calendar windows.

With gorgeous original live music, some gentle audience participation, and perhaps a cracker joke or two… join us for a charming Christmas treat from the team that brought you Extra Yarn.

Perfect for everyone ages 3 - 10 and their families that just can’t wait for Christmas!

“imaginatively brought to life... as warm as a hug” The Stage on Extra Yarn 

Photos by Robert Day

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