Chains of Dew

12 March 2008 – 26 April 2008

The British premiere of a play first produced in 1922 by the Provincetown Players.

A tale of poetry, birth control and bobbed hair by one of America's finest writers.

Seymore Standish, poet, lives in Bluff City, where bridge and golf hold sway and where the League for Birth Control has not even a foothold. He yearns for the bohemia and bright lights of the City. Will the liberal intelligentsia of New York manage to lure him away from his boring banking life? When his New York friends turn up on his doorstep, the two worlds collide, and the dull domesticity of Bluff City is disrupted as Vestry meetings give way to discussions on Birth Control. However, Seymour's wife and mother have surprises in store for both husbands and friends. And maybe there's more to Seymour than meets the eye.

A witty and surprising comedy by the author of The Verge and Inheritors.

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