1 February 2019 — 2 March 2019

“The form itself is striking: with 80 scenes in 75 minutes, Cougar offers a series of impressionistic snapshots… Their life together is limited to luxury hotel rooms, but the growing crisis in their relationship is mirrored by escalating disasters in the outside world… both visceral and disturbing.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Sex, love, power and climate change make for a heady, disorientating cocktail… telling the tale of two people who devour each other in a world that is devouring itself” Alex Wood, WhatsOnStage

“The play is a powerful dissection of how we live today that raises many questions about individual responsibility in an increasingly complex world... Rosanna Vize’s well-pitched hotel room set heightens the feeling of claustrophobia.” Sally Hales, Exeunt 

“Chelsea Walker’s tight, focused direction… There’s a lot of meaty stuff here – like the apathy, waste and hypocrisy of humans and corporations and how these things impact interpersonal affairs.” Ava Davies, The Stage

“Writer Rose Lewenstein has a sharp eye for hypocrisy and the kinky appeal of emotional power games. But she’s also interested in how those games can mirror the larger dramas of political and environmental collapse.” Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard 

“Memorably conveys the hothouse atmosphere of a fraught affair while gesturing at the wider resonances beyond its claustrophobic parameters… a whip-smart production by Chelsea Walker… a subtly unsettling sound design by Alexandra Faye Braithwaite and superb lighting by Jess Bernberg” Alex Ramon, Boycotting Trends 

“Chelsea Walker’s razor-sharp direction” Neil Norman, The Daily Express

“Mike Noble and Charlotte Randle deftly switch between contrasting emotions in two bold performances… Illicit, dangerous, predatory. Cougar is all of these things. It’s intense and erotic. But more so, it’s actually a play about consumption and climate change.” Ed Nightingale, The Gizzle