De Montford

30 April 2008 – 31 May 2008

De Monfort is consumed by his hatred of Rezenvelt. He is in the grip of a passion over which he seems to have little control. Despite the protestations of his beloved sister, the revered Jane De Monfort, he is unable to suppress an irrational loathing which colours everything in his life. When rumours circulate regarding an amorous affair between Rezenfelt and Jane De Monfort, tragic consequences ensue.

In 1798 Joanna Baillie, the genteel daughter of a Presbyterian Minister, published the first three of her plays on the passions. They were received with enormous enthusiasm. She was hailed by Sir Walter Scott and Lord Bryon, Kemble first performed De Monfort, then Edmund Kean. "Write me more Jane de Monforts" said the great Sarah Siddons.

This is a play about jealousy, obsession and power. Another Orange Tree rediscovery of an unjustly forgotten writer that must not be missed.

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