Dona Rosita, the Spinster

24 March 2015 – 24 April 2015

"Auriol Smith's production of Lorca's difficult, beautiful play is one the best things I have seen at this theatre....With it's music, poetry and social ctriticism, this is Lorca's most complex play. The acting has delicacy, insight and shrewd, melacholy humour, and there are two beautiful perfromances: Shelia Reid as Rosita's aunt, a figure of sad and tenacious dignity, and Anna Carteret as the housekeeper, full of grumpy humour, a rock of loyalty standing guard over a vanishing age" The Sunday Times

"Auriol Smith’s production (gives) a true and moving account of this little known 1935 play about lost love and passing time…You hear more than a whisper of Chekov in the painfully accurate scene where Shelia Reid and Tim Hardy, excellent as the heroine’s Aunt and Uncle, dwell on the slow decline of Marital rage and passion into grudging silence…and there is an outstanding performance from Anna Carteret who turns their busybody of a housekeeper into a woman full of practical wisdom…Paula Stockbridge captures exactly (Rosita’s) descent from scarlet-gowned hope to stoical solitude. And theatre is vivid support from Caroline John…This version makes a persuasive case for Lorca’s Play." The Guardian

"Paula Stockbridge’s Rosita is sweet, vulnerable, touchingly trusting and wickedly hurt…Shelia Reid radiates a caring helplessness as Rosita’s aunt and Anna Carteret blunt good sense as a housekeeper in rebellion against the follies and frustrations around her” The Times.“Anna Carteret strikes sparks as the sort of plain speaking but devoted housekeeper who recurs throughout Lorca’s plays." The Financial Times

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