Games/After Liverpool

23 January 2006 – 4 February 2006

James Saunders was a master of the short play and these two very different plays show him at the height of his powers. They were the first two Saunders plays that the Orange Tree produced in 1972.

Games is about our personal responsibility for our actions. It is a thrilling examination of war and conflict, beginning with a Reuters report on the Mi Lai massacre in Vietnam, that makes truly unique demands on the audience. Directed by Sam Walters.

After Liverpool is a delightful series of sharp, witty, painful and sometimes shocking duologues about the impossibility of relationships. It was so popular when we first presented it in 1972 that we had to keep on reviving it! Directed by Auriol Smith.

Presented as part of the Celebration Of James Saunders Season.

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