12 March 2014 – 12 April 2014

FOUR STARS The Guardian, The Times, What's on Stage, The Arts Desk

“If you liked Abigail’s Party, you’ll almost certainly relish Torben Betts’s astute new play... a vibrant combination of a play of ideas and a comedy of bad manners... it could well transfer to the West End.” Kate Bassett, The Times

“What I like about the play is that domestic comedy is used to explore both topical and timeless questions... Laura Howard and Darren Strange, as the territorial intruders, and Daniel Copeland and Samantha Seager, as their victims, also give immaculate performances. The only mystery about Torben Betts, whose fourth play this is at the Orange Tree, is why his perceptive social commentaries are not better known.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

"It's unusual for a play to be political without being preachy, or dull, or both. As obsessed as we are with class distinctions, we aren't as good as we should be at pulling them apart. Invincible is therefore something rare, for it turns social distinctions into compelling comic drama." The Arts Desk

“Torben Betts’ new play is an artfully constructed piece that draws on familiar comic conventions to both feed and diffuse the ensuing drama... a flawless cast confidently walk the tightrope between the comedy and tragedy of manners.”  The Stage

“Ellie Jones’ thoughtful direction draws out the many levels of Betts’ intricate script, with hard-hitting elements played against more surreal interjections and farcical moments to create a clever blend of poignancy and humour... Invincible is a powerful, intimate piece that showcases the talents of each and every individual involved in the production. A must-see!” Plays to See

“This is a sitting-room comedy that crosses genres to become both hilarious and moving.” British Theatre Guide

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