Juicy Bits

21 June 2015

A collection of new short plays by the Orange Tree Writers Collective

Since September nine writers have been meeting at the Orange Tree to share stories, passions and obsessions. They have followed the first season in this new chapter for the theatre, meeting the directors and writers making work here. Juicy Bits is their response to this work: script-in-hand performances of nine new plays.

Responding to themes which have recurred in the plays this season – moral corruption, missing children, women taking charge against the odds – and to the space itself, this is what they have to say.

We welcome back actors from Paul Miller's first season at the OT: Lori Barker (Play Mas), Emma Beattie (The Distance), Sarah Middleton (Pomona), Gyuri Sarossy (The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd) and Seun Shote (Play Mas).

Paul Miller, Guy Jones and Rania Jumaily direct. 

The plays:
King Sense by Matt Parvin
Love and Marriage by Amman Paul Singh Brar
Pickaninny by Nessah Muthy
The Dark Ages by Dean Stalham
The Fairy King by Sumerah Srivastav
The Long Swim by Afsaneh Gray
Today I Am a Boy by Tristan Bernays



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