Kick for Touch/Clara

14 June 2006 – 24 June 2006

Trainee Directors Showcase production.

A Double Bill directed by the Orange Tree Theatre's two current Trainee Directors Imogen Bond and Amy Hodge.

Kick for Touch (directed by Amy Hodge) is the jumbled love story of two brothers who share one woman. A difficult childhood results in the brothers using the women to express their own fierce rivalry and dependent love towards each other. They are incredibly close, so close that - ultimately - they crush the woman between them.

The parts of 'The Boys' were played by Ed Beales, Oliver Griffiths, James Trippet and Oliver Trippet for different performances.

Clara (directed by Imogen Bond): Clara has been murdered. Her ageing father is forced to come to grips with the crushing reality of his daughter’s senseless death. Was he responsible? During relentless questioning by the police, he struggles to bring the past into focus. What is revealed tells us far more about him than about his daughter.

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