King Cromwell

12 November 2003 – 13 December 2003

In 1657 Parliament offered Oliver Cromwell the crown. Would his acceptance confirm the 1649 Revolution, or betray the first English Republic? Was Cromwell a democratic parliamentarian, a radical revolutionary, a religious fundamentalist, a military dictator, a typical English pragmatist – or all five? Why did this puritan love music, approve the first English operas and hire Andrew Marvell to write poetry for him?

This eloquent and witty new play dramatises 17th century themes that are as modern and relevant today. Oliver Ford Davies first acted, directed and wrote for the Orange Tree in 1972, and his acting career has encompassed the David Hare Trilogy at the National Theatre - for which he won an Olivier Award - Kavanagh QC, Star Wars and King Lear at the Almeida.

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