Major Barbara

18 October 2006 – 9 December 2006

"Shaw at his provocative best.Anyone who elects to immerse themselves in London's biggest Shawfest will emerge with the blazing conviction that he's the most unjustly neglected figure of modern British theatre. In fact, I defy anyone to sit through Sam Walters's gripping account of Major Barbara and not marvel at its relevance: if a playwright today were to fashion a comedy of such biting wit about faith, freedom and the military-industrial complex, they'd be cheered to the rafters." Daily Telegraph

"Sam Walters's intoxicating revival of Major Barbara is a heady brew that makes all the weirder the neglect of Shaw on the 150th anniversary of his birth.Even Shaw-haters would have to admit there is no more invigorating play in London.'" The Guardian

"George Bernard Shaw's brilliant contrarian play of 1905, Major Barbara, is well revived at the Orange Tree. Sam Walters's production shows us a piece overbrimming with modern ideas." Evening Standard

"There are rich intellectual pickings here, abundant wit and entertaining performances, particularly from Robert Austin as the thrillingly unscrupulous Undershaft and David Antrobus as the Greek-language boffin with Nietzschean delusions." Time Out Critic's Choice

"In what appears deceptively like a social comedy, Shaw asks us to consider the tension between religion and rationality, the high price of morality and how it is to be paid. The debates are weighty and complex, but Walters delivers them with passion and a lightness of touch that renders them not only digestible but all the more penetrating." The Times

"Bernard Shaw’s most important and topical play...speaks to our time with a shocking immediacy.This is a sharp, elegant production by Sam Walters, and the tremendous argument at the end is a trumpet call to political courage and moral intelligence." Sunday Times

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