Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America

10 November 2004 — 11 December 2004

A shocking new Australian play.

‘When you make an enemy of the United States, you’d better watch out. Sooner or later we will get you’ Paul Bremer, former US administrator of Iraq.

An Australian academic, on the verge of being given tenure in his American university, suddenly finds himself in a nightmare world of Kafkaesque proportions. Isolated from his wife and friends, he has to deal alone with the violence that pursues him.

Stephen Sewell is one of Australia’s foremost playwrights. His plays and films have won numerous awards and this dazzling play won the Green Room Award as the Best New Play of 2004.

Myth demands answers to some of the most urgent questions of our times. ‘The drama of the piece’ says the author ‘revolves around the question of what is a democracy and what is it possible to ask and think about within a democracy.’ What happens when the Land of the Free states: ‘You’re either with us, or you’re against us’? Just where is the ‘war on terrorism’ going to take us?