Once We Were Mothers

10 October 20007 – 10 November 2007

Three very different mothers face three very different situations. This is a play about the joy and heartbreak of motherhood.

Ali is a ballet dancer and then she gives birth to Flora. Flora's blood sugar’s a bit low, she has a hole in her heart we don't know how serious that is. Oh, and she has Down’s Syndrome. Milena struggles to survive with her children in a country torn by war. They told us, if you want to see your children alive, do as we say. Kitty is a housewife who had two daughters, now it seems she only has one. Maybe when her daughter has her own children she’ll feel the pull, need to revisit where she came from. And I'll be there. Because that’s what mothers are, they are home. They are safety. The centre of it all, where it went wrong or right, the beginning and end.

Three stories for today in which the human spirit is tested to the utmost and triumphs.

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