27 April 2019 – 1 June 2019

by Zoe Cooper

â??â??â??â??â?? “It is so refreshing when a theatre embraces its ability to make interesting creative decisions. Out of Water is one of the best examples of the power of theatre to spark thought, debate and, hopefully, acceptance… a smart, inventive and moving play with a huge heart.” Aliya Al-Hasan, Broadway World

â??â??â??â??â?? “an outstanding production of a compelling play.” Peter Yates, LondonTheatre1 

â??â??â??â?? “Whatever it is that distinguishes rare writing talent, Zoe Cooper has got it. Perhaps it’s her ability to conjure up a remarkably tangible sense of place, or the way her ideas and structure interweave and enrich each other. Maybe it’s the palpable warmth she feels for her flawed characters or her uncanny powers of observation. All these qualities shine through in her latest play, a subtly wrenching piece about the fluid nature of identity, and the delicate dynamic that exists between personality, place and the people we love...

Lucy Briggs-Owen and Zoe West, as teacher Claire and police officer Kit, are wonderful to watch and share fleeting moments of tenderness among a steady stream of bickering, fear and doubt. Tilda Wickham captivates as vulnerable young student Fish who goes for long swims in the ocean.” Miriam Gillinson, The Guardian

â??â??â??â?? “Zoe Cooper’s wonderful new play… It’s great to see a play that puts a lesbian couple at its centre and deals so thoughtfully with gender identity… what makes this play truly sing is the hope at its heart… Director Guy Jones makes great use of the in-the-round Orange Tree stage, as Lucy Briggs-Owen, Zoe West and Tilda Wickham play multiple characters while talking to the audience. Scenes flow fluidly as Jess Bernberg’s lighting and Helen Skiera’s sound design marry seamlessly with the script to vividly conjure time and place.” Tom Wicker, Time Out

â??â??â??â?? “Poetic, rich and strange; it’s also beadily observed and sharply funny... The actors’ quicksilver transformations are miraculous... Its personal drama is movingly immediate, yet it has a lingering sense of the mysterious, and an awestruck regard for the ever-evolving history of place and people. It’s as complex as the human heart, with wonder, compassion and compelling depth.” Sam Marlowe, The Times

“a quiet evocation of everyday life, and a gentle, layered look at acceptance and self-acceptance” Lyn Gardner 

“quietly, gently fluid… It’s strikingly, unabashedly tender, too. Possibly that’s what’s most wonderful about it… I would like more theatre to be like this. We all need a show like this.” Ava Wong Davies, Exeunt

â??â??â??â?? “a tender and nuanced piece of writing” Natasha Tripney, The Stage 

 “With its tender text and careful design, Out of Water is a subtle exploration of identity.” Daniella Harrison, WhatsOnStage

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