Play House and Definitely the Bahamas

14 March 2012 – 21 April 2012

A Martin Crimp double bill.

Sex, work, pregnancy, madness, parents, weird neighbours, cleaning the fridge and dancing - Play House (2011) tells the story, in 13 bravura scenes, of a young couple's attempts to set up home.

In Definitely the Bahamas (1987) - with its unsettling mix of comedy and unbearable truth - Frank and Milly relish the visits of Michael, their charming and incredibly successful only child. But what exactly is his relationship to the young student living in their house?

Originally produced by BBC Radio 3, then staged at the Orange Tree, directed by Alec McCowen, this is one of the first plays in which we can recognise Martin Crimp's distinctive voice.

As the first champions of Crimp's work for the theatre, we are delighted to bring together one of his earliest plays with a completely new one, specially written for our 40th anniversary.

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