Pomona (2014)

12 November 2014 — 13 December 2014

Guardian Top 10 Theatre of 2014, Lyn Gardner

"One of the most exciting experiences of a new play I've had in years... More power to the Orange Tree Theatre - a ferociously bold bit of programming achieved with real force. You must see it." Simon Stephens

"Pomona is fantastic. Astonishingly slippery and dark thriller, a twisted game or fairytale in which monsters are all too real." Lyn Gardner

"a fierce dystopian drama with terrific comic edge." Susannah Clapp, The Observer

“This is the best new play I’ve seen in years. See it. Don’t see anything else until you’ve seen this. Wait 2 weeks, then see it again. Pomona is the future of new writing theatre.” Joe Penhall

“Pomona is the most startling, thrilling and original new play of the year (maybe decade)” Dan Rebellato

“Pomona’ fuses fantasy and reality in a murky, disturbing, dystopian vision of our society. It’s dark, funny and you’ll be hooked all the way to the end... It’s a clear contender for the most thrilling play of the year.” Daisy Bowie-Sell, Time Out

“While incorporating elements from gaming, mafia thrillers and sci-fi, McDowall’s dialogue manages to be arrestingly idiosyncratic and unpredictable. The apocalyptic menace is also shot through with flashes of irresistibly cheeky comic relief. Still only in his twenties, this writer is surely going places.” Kate Bassett, The Times

“Ned Bennett's ace production of this brilliantly creepy and compelling new work by acclaimed young dramatist, Alistair McDowall.” Paul Taylor, Independent

“The storytelling is cleverly fractured... There are meaty performances throughout Ned Bennett’s tense production” Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard

"a simply breathtaking piece of new writing"Aleks Sierz

“...the play is undeniably gripping and was rapturously received by its young audience.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Exhilarating and stupendously theatrical stuff. McDowall writes in FIVE D!” Miriam Gillinson

“A work of genuine vision” Alex Ramon, Boycotting Trends

“McDowall dares you to believe that anything is possible” Exeunt

“Original writing both wild and taut. And watch out, world, here comes Ned Bennett” Samuel Adamson