Private Fears in Public Places

5 May 2005 – 4 June 2005

The Stephen Joseph Theatre production transferred to the Orange Tree for it's London premiere.

“…my heart used to leap about and sing. It really did. At the thought of seeing you after two – three months. It did what they say it does. It literally leapt. But coming here to meet you today, it sort of sank. I’m sorry. It did…”

Six people, six separate lives – yet all strangely linked by circumstance. Does Nicola still love Dan? Can Stewart be on the verge of an office romance? Will Imogen ever find true love? Does Ambrose have a secret life? And what on earth is Charlotte up to? A tale of the misheard, the unspoken and the sadly misunderstood.

The Orange Tree Theatre is proud to host the Stephen Joseph Theatre Company in the World premiere production of Alan Ayckbourn’s 67th and latest play Private Fears in Public Places. Written and Directed by Alan Ayckbourn.

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