Sally Phillips and Lily Bevan: Talking to Strangers

7 June 2015

Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony, Miranda) & Lily Bevan (Pheasant Plucker, Mock Tudor) prepare for their upcoming BBC Radio 4 comedy series. They are joined by Mike Wozniak (Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, Man Down).

Monologues of random encounters... 

Topics may include yoga languaging, Hampton Court costumed interpretors, the graphic design of maths textbooks, caveman diets, Kindles and Prancercize, Mindfulness, flamenco poodle fusion, DIY plastic surgery, beasting, rambling, adult swim classes, star-gazing, flirting courses, Ted talks, supper clubs, labiaplasty, the luge, Scandinavian gender relations, the Jeremy Irons fan club, sloth sanctuaries, Suarez, Suez, sewage and sewing bees.

Or may not.

All tickets £15