Seven Year Twitch

22 May 2013 – 22 June 2013

“The therapist-patient relationship is rarely dramatised, but it lies at the heart of this sharp, perceptive comedy by David Lewis... who gets cracking performances from his cast. Amanda Royle and Simon Mattacks as Fran and Terry have all the scratchiness of a seven-year-married couple who can’t quite make a decisive break, while Lucy Tregear and Paul Kemp expose the inner demons of the seemingly omniscient therapists.” 
The Guardian
“a sharply observed and very funny play about emotional relationships in mid-life... the drama unfolds in a series of ingeniously choreographed brief scenes, for which Sam Dowson’s design of a quartet of chairs, provides an elegantly simple setting,” 
The Telegraph
“tremendously entertaining, thanks to a superb cast and Lewis’s smart, incisive writing... it all culminates in an unexpectedly hilarious climax, worthy of Ayckbourn.” 
The Stage
FOUR STARS "Simon Mattacks is brilliant as 'twitcher' Terry, giving a deliciously composed performance as a man whose quest to see new birds has forced his marriage into the counselling room. Paul Kemp is equally impressive as shrink Charlie, whose pugnacious attempts to save other people's marriages only serve to jeopardise his own."
What's on Stage
“Externally hilarious with a darker inner core, Lewis’s mental masterpiece triumphs as a true tragi-comedy for the twenty first century. Seven Year Twitch is an absolute must see for everyone, whether you’re searching for what it truly means to be human or just want a great night out. For the love of Freud – just go.” 
Richmond Magazine

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