8 October 2003 – 8 November 2003

A marriage has been arranged. As the young woman awaits the arrival of her husband to be, her father suggests that, in order to gain a truthful impression of her lover she changes places with her maid. But what may her lover have arranged?

Marivaux’ The Game of Love and Chance(1730) is his best known play. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762) was the first to translate the play, although her version was not produced in England until 1988. Lady Mary, sometime Twickenham resident and sparring partner of Horace Walpole and Alexander Pope, is a literary figure of increasing importance.

We will also be presenting three performances of work about her life. Auriol Smith will direct this mischievous, complicated and potentially dangerous quadrille of love.

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