Summer Again

6 October 2004 – 6 November 2004

In this new comedy of sex and politics, an anxious group of relations and dependants struggle for supremacy in a garden in the north of England, where Toby, a sprightly 91 year old, wants to keep young by buying and tending a part of the big garden next door, owned by Gerald, who is trying to bed as many attractive women as possible, in between buying up small shops in the far east to turn them into big supermarkets so that the populace will buy his refrigerators. Daniel struggles to get past chapter two of the book he is writing and hang on to Joyce, whose old aunt Molly fancies Daniel and wants the daily sacked for incompetence, while Roderick looks on helplessly as his wife Ariadne, who is into amateur dramatics, sets her sights on lecherous Gerald. All of them seem to seek re-assurance that they mean something, if they could only think what it is...

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