The Beggar's Opera

15 January 2003 — 15 February 2003

“A fascinating and genuinely entertaining piece.” Daily Telegraph “It is highly entertaining... The plot is an ingenious cat's cradle of double-cross and triple-cross... The dialogue goes with a fine swing... So does Geoffrey Beevers' spirited production.” Sunday Telegraph “Havel highjacks Gay to present his own dramatic metaphor of the communist regime he so courageously opposed... Full of delightful wit... The increasingly complex plot evolved with great élan. Geoffrey Beevers directs a sprightly production.” Daily Telegraph “Havel is of course dizzyingly skilled at writing blackly comic hollow rhetoric… Havel blends enjoyment with critique.” Financial Times “Havel’s tale is a gripping insight into deception… It’s a warning of future dangers and yet more proof that the Czech Republic’s retiring president was and is a man to treasure.” The Times “This theatre’s loyalty to the playwright Vaclav Havel is beyond praise… Havel ingeniously turn’s Gay’s original play into a non-musical metaphor for the corrosion of the soul under communism.” The Guardian "Anyone who wants to know why it is so easy for powerful people to abuse their fellow men should see this play." Milos Forman