The Game Hunter

24 April 2003 – 24 May 2003

“A husband, a wife, a non-lover, and a locked door: bliss.” The Financial Times

“Sam Walters is a dab hand with the French farceur’s work at the intimate, in-the-round Orange Tree.” The Times

“The audience fell in love with Sam Walters’s staging from the first... In the Orange Tree’s in-the-round space, a particular delight is that there are no doors in sight. They’re so vividly mimed and sounded that we feel them all the more keenly.” The Financial Times

“Amanda Royle is delightfully fraught as Leontine, both excited and horrified by the prospect of being unfaithful to her husband. As the Teflon adulterer Duchotel, Philip York is all bone-deep dishonesty. In a double role, Janet Spencer-Turner is effective as the maid with the accusatory stare… And Stuart Fox’s eagerly amorous doctor is a comic treat, whether acting the smooth lecher reciting his lumpen poetry or dancing with panic as he desperately improvises when things go from catastrophe to worse.” The Times

“The Orange Tree has developed an enviable reputation for ensemble playing and The Game Hunter, proves no exception. The sparkling dialogue is crisply delivered in Richard Cottrell’s 1964 translation and Royle is particularly effective in her soft-spoken playing of the victim and revenge-taker. Fox is suitably harassed as her paramour, whilst Janet Spencer-Turner presents an extraordinary cameo as the Countess… The entire cast is uniformly excellent.” What’s on Stage

“Sam Walters’ excellently envisioned version of Feydeau proves that done well, farce can be real fun. It can even make some serious comments on life.” The British Theatre Guide

“It is testament to the skill and talent of director Sam Walters and his excellent cast that they are able to bring out so much more in this play than merely the slapstick fun of farce.” Theatreworld

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