The Mob

3 September 2003 – 4 October 2003

The country is on the brink of war. One member of the Government believes the invasion would be an immoral act. How far will he take his opposition? And what will be the effect on his friends and family, his marriage and his life?

“Because general sentiment’s against me, I – a public man – am to deny my faith? The point is not whether I’m right or wrong, but whether I’m to sneak out of my conviction because it’s unpopular”.

John Galsworthy, known the world over as the author of The Forsyte Saga, was also, along with Bernard Shaw and Granville Barker, one of the leaders of the new theatre movement at the beginning of the twentieth century. His plays are not remembered now as they should be, but The Mob, written in 1913, is a play for today, having an enormous relevance to world we are now living in.

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