The Mob

3 September 2003 — 4 October 2003

Five Best Plays - The Independent: “Sam Walter’s stirring revival...takes on a sharp and intriguing topical resonance.”

* * * * "Brilliantly absorbing the big scenes of private and public emotion are played with extreme delicacy. Kevin Doyle perfectly embodies the character whom one observes with doting wonder” Financial Times

“With John Galsworthy’s The Mob, the enterprising Orange Tree in Richmond once again demonstrates how many good plays there are waiting to be rediscovered…The evening is moving and never less than absorbing.” John Gross, The Sunday Telegraph

**** "A brave and compelling play…Judging by the thunderous acclaim at the end, the play clearly speaks to our own hunger for principled opposition to might-is-right militarism.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Kevin Doyle…vulnerable, charismatic but fanatically ruthless.” Sunday Times