The Pirates of Penzance

20 December 2006 – 10 February 2007

The London premiere of Chris Monks' fantatsic 're-imagined' the Pirates of Penzance.

Young Frederic finally free of his apprenticeship to a band of inept pirates, falls in love with mabel, the beautiful daughter of a major general. Unfortunately, the Pirate King and the nursery maid he scorned take advantage of Frederic's sense of duty to keep him from enjoying his newfound happiness for long.

Chris Monks, who two years ago gave us 'as good a Mikado as you could hope to see' (The Guardian), returns to the Orange Tree with a new look The Pirates of Penzance: a tale of duty, misunderstanding and revenge, with a Mafiosi makeover!

Monks manages to be both excitingly innovative and at the same time to delight G&S aficionados.

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