The School for Scheming

16 April 2014 – 17 May 2014

Just how far will people to go to attain position and fortune and who will they be prepared to sacrifice along the way?

Rediscovering a classic comedy from the writer of National Theatre hit London Assurance.

Claude Plantaganet, who has run through three estates and five legacies, now has only his daughter left. While Mrs Fox French’s finishing school may teach her young ladies how to snare members of the aristocracy, how are her own finances? 

And John Perkins, who calls himself The MacDunnum of Dunnum, schemes feverishly to become a capitalist while being aware of the fragility of everything around him: “Facts exist no more – they have dwindled into names – things have shrunk into words – words into air - cash into figures – reputation into nothing. This is the reign of NOTHING: to possess it is the surest foundation of fortune in every walk of life. Examine the pocket of the capitalist – nothing! Penetrate the skull of the politician – nothing! Value the credit of a free and enlightened state –nothing, or your own nothing!”

Written in 1847 by one of the most prolific writers and successful actors and directors of the nineteenth century, this is clearly a play for our times. 

Running time 2 hours 45 minutes

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