The Skin Game

21 March 2007 – 28 April 2008

All life's a struggle between people...the only thing is to have the rules of the game and keep them. The Hillcrists have owned their land for centuries. The Hornblowers are newly rich business men. The gloves come off when those who want to protect and preserve take up arms against those who want to develop and build.

A fine dramatic play by a prolific playwright, who is perhaps better known as a great novelist. John Galsworthy’s first play, The Silver Box, was premiered in 1906 in a production by Granville Barker at the Royal Court. But his first big commercially successful play was The Skin Game in 1920. Galsworthy was profoundly disturbed by what he witnessed during his time in a French hospital in the First World War and in The Skin Game, which is not on the surface about war at all, he deals with the consequences that arise when those who hold differing, entrenched positions come into conflict

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