The Twelve Pound Lock/Playgoers/The Tinker's Wedding/Shakes v Shav

6 June 2007 – 23 June 2007

Trainee Directors Showcase production

Join us for our final celebration of the work of Shaw and his Contemporaries, with a quadruple bill of topsy-turvy comedies from some of the most renowned writers of the period.

The Twelve-Pound Look by JM Barrie. Directed by Helen Leblique

It is that day in your career when everything went wrong just when everything seemed to be superlatively right. Harry Sims’ preparations to receive a knighthood are disrupted by an unexpected arrival – but who is she? From the author of Peter Pan comes a ‘grown up’ comedy with a feminist slant, which reveals Barrie’s sharp wit and keen sense of social satire.

Playgoers by Arthur Wing Pinero. Directed by Helen Leblique

We propose to begin by sending you all to the play. A naïve young couple’s offer to treat their servants to a trip to the theatre causes chaos in this hilarious one act comedy by the author of The Second Mrs Tanqueray and Dandy Dick.

The Tinker's Wedding by JM Synge. Directed by Henry Bell

An anarchic comedy from the Irish playwright John Millington Synge. The play, set in a ditch in rural Ireland, features the clash of two worlds – the free-spirited subsistence existence of the tinkers against the duty bound, irony free Christianity of a Catholic Priest. Deemed too hot to handle by the Irish state in 1907, Synge’s work manages to poke fun at nearly all parts of society. Although this is no soap box sketch, it is written with the verve and lyricism that is now associated with the work of Synge.

Shakers vs Shav by Bernard Shaw. Directed by Henry Bell

A three and a half page explosion of vanity, pugilism and iambic pentameter. Shakes vs Shav features a very real fight between Shaw and Shakespeare over who is the better playwright. To aid the arguments, the two playwrights summon various characters from their plays to join in the fight. Shaw wrote the play at the grand old age of 92 and it was originally a puppet play. This production is staged with living actors, the challenge now is to keep them alive during the various right hooks, decapitations and nose twiddling.

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