The Woman Hater

19 December 2007 – 2 February 2008

Fanny Burney is famous - as a novelist and as a woman of letters and as a participant in the literary circles of the day. Yet she also wrote plays and our production of The Woman Hater will be, incredibly, the British premiere of her 1802 play!

Jilted on the verge of marriage, Sir Roderick spurns all contact with all women. The woman who jilted him, wooed with verses by another, became Lady Smatter and is, she feels, the centre of literary life, peppering her every sentence with misremembered quotations. Sir Roderick has severed realtions with his sister Eleonora becasue she presumed to marry Wilmot, Lady Smatter's brother. that marriage has now foundered over suspected adultery.

Years have now passed, children have grown up and heirs need to be found. In this world of antagonism and suspicion is it possible for love to blossom and hate to wither?

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