The Women of Lockerbie

31 August 2005 – 1 October 2005

"Auriol Smith's production is garlanded with overwhelming scenes of pathos, thanks to superlative actors... all imbue the Women of Lockerbie with heartfelt poignancy." Evening Standard

"Colette O'Neil is compelling as the defiant Olive... Endowed with character, poetry and a core of touching emotion." Time Out

"Auriol Smith's production is powerfully performed. Lisa Eichhorn and John Hudson are both impressive." The Guardian

"Catches the grim mood of the moment better than anything I've yet seen on the subject of 9/11 and its aftermath... Almost unbearably moving... Brings a tear to the eye." The Telegraph

"Auriol Smith's fine production contains many strong performances... Lisa Eichhorn and Colette O'Neil stand out." Financial Times

"Concerned with matters seldom aired in the theatre nowadays. What is mischance, what is fate? How to exorcise a great evil? The answer of the Lockerbie women was to 'get love out of this'. Can't think of a better one myself." The Times

"Presented on a set of rocks and streams, Auriol Smith's production conjures up the right grave dignity of atmosphere, and the performances are strong." The Independent

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