Then The Snow Came/Winter

29 June 2011 – 9 July 2011

Trainee Directors Showcase production.

Then the Snow Came
Inspired by 'The Happy Prince' by Oscar Wilde.
Adapted and directed by Jimmy Grimes.

Richmond’s sheltered doorways, benches and fast food restaurants serve as the backdrop for this poignant tale, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s much-loved short story about a city’s statue of a prince and the swallow who distributes his jewels to the poor.
When Stuart tells Mickey this touching tale of love and loyalty, the pair embark on a journey that echoes the fragility of their own lives. But in the end, loyal as they both are, each will have to deal with their own personal dilemmas.
Researched with people living homeless and in hostels today, this new piece includes elements of verbatim text, improvised dialogue and puppetry.
Designed by Katy Mills.
By Jon Fosse.
Translated by Ann Henning Jocelyn.
Directed by Teunkie Van der Sluijs.

A tired businessman meets a woman in a city park. Beautiful, dishevelled and strange, she presents an enigma that is difficult to resist. He brings her to his hotel room, and sets in motion a compelling relationship between the two.
Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse won the prestigious International Ibsen Award in 2010. Written in 2000, this play explores an encounter both ordinary and extreme.
Designed by Sam Dowson

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