Three Farces

2 June 2011 – 25 June 2011

A triple bill of English farces: 

Slasher and Crasher, Grimshaw Bagshaw and Bradshaw, and A Most Unwarrantlable Intrusion.

The re-discovery of the wonderful world of Maddison Morton (1811-1891), precursor ofThe Goons and Monty Python, is, as Kenneth tynan wrote in 1967, 'long overdue'. Gordon Craig thought him 'the funniest playwright that England ever had'. And Tynan thought him 'better than Feydeau'.

Thwarted lovers, disgruntled uncles and a jam loving suitor are among the characters caught up in this array of farcical encounters.

From Slasher and Crasher's efforts to prove themselves as brave and worthy men, to the bewilderred Grimshaw and his besieged lodgings, these colourful comic capers add mayhem and merriment to our season.

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