Three in the Back Two in the Head

9 November 2005 – 10 December 2005

"There are times when, for the good of the greater number, an individual must be sacrificed".

Donald Jackson, a weapons scientist for America’s defence programme, is found dead outside a church. No witnesses, no motive. When his son attempts to piece together the truth behind his father’s death he is embroiled in a world of double agents, rogue states and global paranoia.

Inspired by the real life murder of the Canadian weapons scientist Gerald Bull,Three In The Back, Two In The Headgrapples with the elusive nature of truth as the action shifts across conflicting versions of the past. Was Jackson a force for peace betrayed by merciless politicians? Or was he about to give America’s greatest enemy the missile that could destroy it? This thrilling play received Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award for Drama.

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