Tom's A Cold/The Ruffian on the Stair

2 June 2010 – 19 June 2010

Trainee Directors Showcase production.

Tom's A-Cold by David Egan. Directed by Lora Davies

'Through hope we became monsters. Hope will make a man say or do anything...'

In 1845, HMS Terror and Erebus set sail from England seeking the Northwest Passage through the Arctic. Neither ship was ever seen again.

Three years later, two men sit in a lifeboat. Ravaged by hunger, and haunted by their memories, they must confront truths they can no longer hide.

Based on Franklin's disastrous polar expedition, this is the premiere of David Egan's darkly comic and compelling play.

Tom's A-Cold was the winning script in the 2008 Herman Voaden Playwriting Competition in Kingston, Canada and in the 2008 Oxford University Dramatic Society's New Play Competition.

'Nimble performances', The Times.

'Devastating...poetic', Time Out, Critics' Choice.

'Imaginative...well cast', The British Theatre Guide.

'Davies navigates her two-man crew it impressive depths... impressively kinetic',

The Ruffian on the Stair by Joe Orton. Directed by Emma Faulkner.

'The number of humiliating admissions I've made. You'd think it would draw me closer to somebody. But it doesn't.'

London 1964. Joyce and Mike's flat is under watch. A threatening young man turns up one day when Joyce is alone. He knows about their lives and their pasts. There is a score to settle and a wish to be fulfilled at any cost.

Joe Orton's first play, an unsettling black comedy, propels us into a world of disenchanted people living on the edge.

'A pleasure...Hilariously blithe', The Times.

'Carl Prekopp is magnetic as Wilson...Emma Faulkner and her excellent cast tackle it pitch perfectly', Time Out Critics' Choice.

'The three performances are worth crossing London to see' The British Theatre Guide.

'Emma Faulkner's revival catches the menace-laden comedy beautifully', Reviewsgate.


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