Tosca's Kiss

4 May 2006 — 3 June 2006

"Kenneth Jupp's play, dealing with the Nuremberg Trials, makes fascinating viewing... The cross-examination of Schacht is riveting...Worth seeing in Auriol Smith's taut, controlled production." The Guardian

"Fascinating play... Julia Watson's captivating Rebecca West... Schacht (is) played with devastating hauteur and barbed irony by Charles Kay." The Independent

"Kenneth Jupp's play about the 1945 Nuremberg trials, in which Nazi war leaders were tried for crimes against humanity, comes to a shocking climax. Auriol Smith's evocative production... packs both an emotional and cerebral punch. Schacht, magnificently played by Charles Kay... the chilling force of Tosca's Kiss." Evening Standard

"Steven Elder brings a wounded quality to Morton, Julia Watson a warmth to West, David Yelland a smooth pragmatism to Biddle, and Charles Kay a chilly arrogance to Schacht....The play hits home emotionally when a cowering, naked Tom imagines the horror of the death-camp gas chambers."The Times

"A powerful play... Julia Watson and David Yelland give strong and impressive performances... getting directly to the quick of the moral issues at hand." Time Out