1 June 2018 – 7 July 2018

by Emily Schwend

"This prize-winning American play by Emily Schwend is the latest hit in an astonishing run of form for the Orange Tree. A superlative performance from Robyn Addison… Caitlin McLeod’s expertly modulated production" Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard

"Blue-collar lives matter at the Orange Tree Theatre. Emily Schwend’s 2016 play brings an unpatronising candour to its graceful, low-key depiction of life in breadline America." Maxie Szalwinska, The Sunday Times

"The political and dramatic significance of Schwend’s play lies in texture, rather than incident. In common with writers such as Annie Baker, Alexander Zeldin and Barney Norris, she concentrates on the minutiae that make up the quality of life for her characters... On Max Johns’ meticulously realistic kitchen set, Addison’s superb performance makes you feel every small triumph and disaster." Sarah Hemming, FT

“Caitlin McLeod’s gently provocative production is all about the tiny details. The action unfolds in a Texas kitchen, meticulously designed by Max Johns... It’s a space in which all the little things – a stolen glance or quiet sigh – feel huge.” Miriam Gillinson, Time Out  

"The lives and trials of everyday women are routinely overlooked, marginalised by the male voice and dismissed by the male experience. But they too deserve to be platformed and these voices deserve too to be heard." Victoria Sadler

“Watching Emily Schwend’s prize-winning play about the daily pressures facing a working mother, I was reminded both of The Flick and John by her fellow American, Annie Baker… Schwend pays moving homage to female endurance.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Telling a story lived by many but told on stage by few is quietly revolutionary in its own way.” Rosemary Waugh, The Stage

“The show’s performances are faultless… every exchange is emotionally authentic.” Plays to See

“Hats off to Max Johns the designer. Caitlin McLeod’s direction gets the pacing spot on… Robyn Addison as Amber is superb.” John O’Brien, London Theatre 1

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