Yours for the Asking

5 September 2012 – 6 October 2012

The Independent: "the play darts backwards and forwards in an intricate, fractured time-scheme, adroitly handled in Walters’ fluent production, that is like the chronicle of a fate foretold…Steven Elder’s finely judged Juan, an embittered, world-weary journalist... Mia Austen strikingly captures the mix of vulnerability and newly awakened sharpness in this once-naive girl."

FIVE STARS from Plays to "The acting is uniformly excellent... Very highly recommended."

The Times: "...seems an astonishingly prescient piece that offers a grotesque warning about where mindless consumerism and gossip-fuelled junk culture can lead..."

The Guardian: "...offers a chilling reminder of the impotent despair and pervasive fear that characterised Franco's Spain. Sam Walters's production also finds ingenious solutions to the play's technical demands, and the acting all round is good.”

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