Q&A with Hasan Dixon

24 January 2018

Hasan Dixon is apppearing in the three Roundabout plays at the Orange Tree following a critically acclaimed tour including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe. The plays are Black Mountain by Brad Birch, Out Of Love by Elinor Cook and How To Be A Kid by Sarah McDonald-Hughes, which we've co-produced with Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd.

What was the first show that had a big impact on you?
The Wind in the Willows that I saw when I was 8 at The Old Vic. Made me want to act.

If you hadn’t been an actor what would you have been?
David Attenborough 

Can you tell us a bit the characters you play in the 3 shows?
In Black Mountain I play Paul. He’s desperate to be exonerated. Might not be as simple as he hoped. In How To Be A Kid I play Joe - he’s 6 and is pretty much irrepressible. In Out of Love I play 9 different characters in 9 different scenes. 

Is there a line from one of the plays that you really like?
Lorna in Out of Love: Sometimes I worry. You can’t not, it’s sort of etched into you. About having children. If I ever even will. Nearly at that moment now. That cliff we all fall off, apparently.

What’s your favourite moment from being on tour?
The Lake District. Soundtrack of cows mooing in every show.

How do you keep three scrips and multiple characters in your head?
It’s just repetition. It gets drilled into your body and your brain somehow. Constantly re-reading the plays and constantly doing them.

What’s so great about acting in the round?
Although it can be quite technical, it supports performances that are less presentational than in traditional proscenium arch theatre.

What have you been reading or watching recently that you’d recommend?
Just read The Pumpkin Eater by Penelope Mortimer. It’s raw, honest and angry. 

Black Mountain, Out Of Love and How To Be A Kid are playing 25 January - 3 March
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