Education & Participation

Education & Participation
"Thank you for inspiring our pupils… you make Shakespeare accessible to all!"  

Take part. Discover more.

We work with around 10,000 people every year from schools across our local boroughs, and nearly 150 people come to take part in our weekly Participation projects.

We introduce Shakespeare’s plays to a younger audience in a lively and engaging way, enriching your curriculum and deepening students understanding of the play in performance.

We offer students a chance to explore our working theatre, gain a greater insight into the plays we produce, and learn from our team of theatre professionals.

We also offer anyone who is curious about what we do the chance to come and explore our unique theatre in the round and find out more about the way we work.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, carer or individual, we’d be delighted to answer your queries – [email protected]. Or call Imogen or Izzy on 020 8940 0141.