Primary Shakespeare


"Truly inspirational for the children in our school and will send them off to secondary loving rather than dreading the idea of studying Shakespeare"  St Luke’s Primary

The Merchant of Venice

7 May – 29 June

“All that glisters is not gold…”

Portia has a problem, Bassanio has a riddle to solve, and Shylock just wants respect.

How far would you go to get what you want?

The bright lights of the city might glitter, but under the surface, not everyone is treated fairly. Some people are greedy, others cruel to their neighbours. How should you treat those around you?

Shakespeare’s story of greed and injustice explored for a younger audience.

Suitable for Years 3 – 6.

Primary Shakespeare has been an important part of the Orange Tree’s education programme for over 20 years, with around 4000 children taking part each year.

The project is in two parts:

An actor from the company visits your school to work with a class sized group. Pupils take part in a 2 hour long active storytelling workshop which reveals the story of the play by enabling pupils to step into the shoes of the characters, speak their words and take part in drama exercises.

NB. We find that pupils get the most from the workshop if they have no prior knowledge of the play, so we request that you do not introduce children to the story – let us do the work!

Pupils then come to the Orange Tree to see a fully staged abridged performance of the play, which includes interactive elements and is around 1 hour long. 

A teacher’s pack filled with practical follow up tasks which help pupils to engage with Shakespeare’s language, the world of the play and the characters in even greater depth, is included free of charge.

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