David Baddiel: Birthday Boy

11 November 2017

Join David Baddiel, comedian, TV presenter, and now popular children’s author, as he introduces Birthday Boy: a charming tale for every child who has wondered ‘Why can’t it be my birthday every day?’

Sam Green was really, really, really looking forward to his eleventh birthday. I mean: really. He couldn’t wait. In the days leading up to it, he simply wouldn’t talk about anything else.

At first, it’s quite exciting when Sam’s birthday appears again the next morning and again, and again and again… But it’s not long before disaster strikes, threatening something Sam loves even more than birthdays. In order to protect what he loves most, Sam must overcome selfishness, greed and extreme weight gain and embark on a daring and adventurous mission with his sister Ruby.

David Baddiel is the author of 4 successful children’s books, with his 2016 World Book Day title, The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked, selling over half a million copies.  

Chaired by Maz Evans, the bestselling author of Who Let the Gods Out? and Simply the Quest. She began her writing career in journalism as a TV critic and feature writer and has also been a university lecturer. Most recently Maz founded Story Stew; a creative writing programme that visits primary schools and literary festivals around the UK. Maz has spoken to thousands of children and has never heard the same story twice. She lives in Dorset with her family.

All tickets £6

Running time about 40 minutes, followed by a booksigning

Books by the author will be available for sale at the event, provided by The Alligator’s Mouth bookshop.

Part of the Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival