Instant Sunshine

13 November 2016

Best known for their many performances on BBC Radio, Instant Sunshine’s unique and original humorous songs, laden with self-parody, have delighted audiences for decades. As a musical comedy team they have been described as brightening up the dullest of days with their timeless entertainment. So join Peter Christie (lead vocals and guitar), David Barlow (guitar) and Alan Maryon Davis (percussion) for an elegant evening of comic song.

“Their every second is honed for comedy. They have more twinkle than Sirius.” The Scotsman

Instant Sunshine play regularly at festivals and theatres throughout the United Kingdom and on their travels round the world. They have performed for many years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and returned there in 2015. For many years they played weekly at a popular restaurant in London’s Mayfair.

Over a hundred Instant Sunshine songs are recorded on CD, including three albums with EMI. The BBC has broadcast several series of Instant Sunshine and selections of these are repeated regularly. They have also written and performed signature tunes for a variety of radio and television programmes.

Listen to their song 'Has Anyone Seen My Horse?'

Tickets £15