National Theatre Connections - The Musicians

06 May 2016

Performed by In Yer Face Productions

The orchestra of Ridley Road, a state school, is to give a concert in Moscow at the European Festival of Youth, playing Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony before an audience of cultural bigwigs. But their instruments have been impounded by Customs. Luckily, Alex, the Russian boy who cleans the hall, is a devout ‘Pinball Wizard’ fan who comes up with a plan that saves everyone.

Patrick Marber
Plays for the National include Dealer’s Choice (also Vaudeville and MTC in New York), Closer (also Lyric, London, and Music Box, New York), Howard Katz (also Roundabout, New York); and The Musicians for NT Connections. Other plays include After Miss Julie (also Roundabout, New York) and Don Juan in Soho at the Donmar Warehouse; and Hoop Lane for BBC Radio 3. TV includes co-writing Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge, Paul & Pauline Calf Video Diaries and The Curator. Film includes Closer, Notes on a Scandal, Old Street and Love You More. Radio includes co-writing Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge and Bunk Bed (with Peter Curran). The Red Lion and Three Days in the Country opened at the National Theatre in 2015.

Photography by Sorted. Design by National Theatre Graphic Design Studio.

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