24 November 2016 — 7 January 2017

★★★★ "Paul Miller’s buoyant production underscores the social satire. John Ramm, following in the footsteps of Ralph Richardson and Bob Hoskins, is excellent as Sheppey" Michael Billington, Guardian

★★★★ "Paul Miller’s superbly sustained revival... miraculous wit and charm by John Ramm as Sheppey." Dominic Maxwell, The Times

★★★★ "There’s good work all around in Paul Miller’s confident production, from Dickie Beau as down-on-her-luck prostitute Bessie and Katie Moore and Josh Dylan as Sheppey’s social-climbing daughter and her smug schoolteacher fiancé. In today’s scarred, angry world, this question of individual agency burns just as strongly, some 83 years after Sheppey’s premiere." Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard

"catches every narrative twist of the rarely seen Somerset Maugham play from 1933... one of the year’s best theatrical reclamations. The director Paul Miller’s expert production" Matt Wolf, New York Times 

"Somerset Maugham's Depression-era play about the hypocrisy of the wealthy is painfully timely." Tom Wicker, Time Out

"This play contends with the best of Christmas stories: it's just as festive and uplifting, striking the same notes of goodwill to all men, of human kindness beating misers and misery any day." Tim Bano, The Stage

"There is something about Sheppey; lines or snatched moments that shimmer with all sorts of strange qualities and truths." Miriam Gillinson, Exeunt