Yours for the Asking

5 September 2012 – 6 October 2012

A perfume advertising campaign goes wrong.
A cynical reporter and a young photographer interview the attractive young model now at the centre of a scandal.

The lift to her apartment breaks down, the paper wants its story and journalists are out of contact.

Written by Spain's leading female playwright, this is the UK premiere of this 1973 play written while Franco still ruled.

Ana Diosdado was born in 1938 to a theatrical family in Buenos Aires, who returned to Madrid in 1950. She is a playwright, novelist and actress, and has also adapted plays by Peter Ustinov and Henrik Ibsen.

Yours for the Asking (Usted también podrá isfrutar de ella) won the Fastermath prize of the Real Academia de la Lengua in 1973, and is her most performed play.

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